I'm originally from New York City. Although my career was in medicine, I've been painting all my life, and I majored in Fine Arts as an N.Y.U. undergraduate. While I have had little formal education in painting, I have been fortunate to receive guidance from some extraordinary artists in informal venues.

I work exclusively in oil. I was reared in the belief that the principal purpose of art is to communicate. Not surprisingly, I produce works that might be described as "representational" or "accessible".

There are great challenges in creating readily accessible imagery. One of these is to avoid being trite.

Another challenge is to capture the emotional content of painted objects. I believe that everything we see – a building, an apple, a landscape – evokes some personal response within us, however subtle. Imbuing a painting with this evocative power requires one to pay close attention to the subject's detail without sacrificing the immediacy of the whole.

Have I succeeded in meeting these challenges? That's for you, not me, to decide.